Pregymnightrun. Getting ready for Alaska! Started slow but pulled off a good shuffle. #bigfootlookoutsalmon #runlikeagrizzlysquatch #nikeplus
Just my luck

After no problems all summer, my back has flared up. Talked to my physical therapist, and she said that I need to take a break from running and anything else that could irritate my disc & facets. I love my life… :( 


Coolest thing ever! I was like “wow girl…oh” then I was just impressed

For day 17 of #yogapartypeople is #yogajewelry.
I can’t afford actual “yoga jewelry” because most of you know its expensive as hell, but I’m always wearing these bracelets, including my pura vida ones (not pictured) even during my practice. The orange bracelet was a gift from my mother in law, the purple crochet anklet was from my girlfriend, the blue and purple (fave colors) one I made when I was trying to kick my trichotillomania and the Navy colors anklet I made when I officially became a Future Sailor. No matter what I’m always wearing these because they have special meanings, two from people who I care for deeply and two markers in my life.
Also, I need a little side job to keep me busy during the week and to have extra income so if you want bracelets let me know, I’ll gladly make custom orders :)

This is love.